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Frequently Asked Questions

So Many Lawyers, Who Do I Choose?
Just like your choice of a restaurant influences how much you pay when you leave, your choice of a lawyer influences how much you get. Don't hire an attorney on the basis of how colorful or slick the advertisement or website is. Don't hire a lawyer based on how attractive they are or how friendly they seem.There are a number of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled lawyers in Oklahoma City. Selecting a lawyer for your case might be as financially significant a decision as you will ever make. If you have really been hurt you might be entitled to a lot of money. Would you rather have "a lot", or just "half a lot"?. Just because a lawyer is a lawyer does not mean they know how to get you top dollars from an insurance company. Only top lawyers get the top dollars. Just like the best athletes play in the NBA, NFL or for the St. Louis Cardinals, only skilled lawyers can get you the money you deserve.

What Is a Contingency Fee?
A contingency fee is like a commission on a sale. It only applies if there is a successful conclusion. When you get hurt and hire a contingency fee lawyer you do not have to pay a fee unless you win the case – get a settlement or win in court. The lawyer spends his own money, often thousands of dollars, on your case – it costs you nothing.

How long does a case take?
Cases vary, of course, but small cases take less than 6 months to resolve while larger cases – involving hundreds of thousands of dollars – usually take 9 months to a year or two, sometimes longer.

Will my case go to court?
Only 5% of cases actually go to court. Almost all good cases get settled out of court because the insurance company eventually realizes it is going to lose and pays a settlement to stay out of court.

Why settle for any lawyer when you can have a recognized, highly credentialed lawyer for the same price?
Ask pointed questions when hiring a lawyer.
1. Do you actually try cases (how many) or does the insurance company know you will settle for the amount that they want to pay?
2. Are you recognized by Best Lawyers in America or Super Lawyers? How about American Board of Trial Advocates or other select groups?
3. Have you personally settled cases for over $1 Million dollars?
4. Have you been on Bar Association Boards, been President of lawyer organizations?
5. Do you have 20 to 25 years worth of experience?

Berry Law Building PhotoHoward Berry can answer all those questions "YES".
Call the Berry Law Firm at 800 455-7892 or 405 524-1040
to discuss your situation.

Berry only works on a commission known as a "contingency fee" so his clients never have to pay for consultations or representation unless Berry delivers the client a satisfactory settlement.

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